Mogens Eliasen

(pronounced   MOW-ence   e-LEE-a-sen,  for people who speak English and not Danish)

Born in Denmark, raised by Danish parents.
Immigrated to Canada 1990 (settled in British Columbia).
Lived in the US (Washington and Idaho) 2000-2001.
Married, divorced, remarried, widowed, remarried, widowed, remarried.
Extensive travel in Western Europe and North America.
Speaks English, German, Russian, and Danish.

Main Education:

Enlightened Millionaire Protege of Robert G. Allen and Mark Victor Hansen (2002).

Mag. scient. in Chemistry from Århus University, Denmark (1980).

Intelligence officer in the Danish Army.

Self-taught dog behaviorist and dog handler instructor.

Self-taught businessman.

Career Highlights:

Public speaker, lecturer (since 1975). ()

Founder of the following enterprises outside Canada:

Kinky Kinetics SmbA (2013)

PrecisionData Inc. (2011)

NuBizPro Inc.(2010)

Guldmine International Inc. (2009)

Novasol Judicare Inc. (1999, 2004).

K9joy® (2002)

Canine Superior Financial Services Inc. (2001), doing business as

  • "Canine Superior Leadership Training",
  • "Health & Wealth" (Distributor for American Dream Nutrition, Inc.), and
  • "Wealth Protection - also for small business owners" (agent for Prosper International Limited);

Founder/co-founder of the following enterprises in British Columbia, Canada:

  • Novasol Judicare Inc. (independent Associate of Pre-Paid Legal Services ®, Inc.) (2001);
  • "The Home-Based Business Coach" (1999);
  • Dog House Publishing Inc. (1996);
  • Canine Choice Natural Foods Inc. (1995);
  • Human Dog Leadership Inc. (1993);
  • Novasol Environmental Services Inc. (1991);
  • REMCO Environmental Services Inc. (1990).

Founder/co-founder of the following enterprises in Denmark:

  • Sønderjydske Redningshunde (1983);
  • Toves Renskrivningsbureau (1982);
  • Eliasens Forlag (1981);
  • Århus Universitet Instruktorforening;
  • Mårslet Skak Klub;
  • Grundejerforeningen "Baneleddet".

Executive Training Director for Canada Rescue Dog Association (1991-1994).

Education Program Developer for the Danish Government's 800 Search & Rescue Dog handlers (1980-1990).

Active member of the Reserve Officers Committe for 2nd Jutland Brigade and The Prince's Life Regiment (1978-1988), developing continued education systems for reserve officers in the Danish Army.

Chief Instructor and Trainer for DCH, the largest competition dog association (approximately 60,000 members) in Denmark (1978-1987).

Researcher/manager/department head for various large corporations and government controlled enterprises in Denmark and British Columbia (1980-1993), including Danfoss A/S and Kommunekemi A/S.

Reserve Officer (rank of major) in Danish Army (resigned 1990 when moving to Canada).

Publications and important works:

"The Doggy Bone" - on-line newsletter about financial liberty, personal freedom, and protection of your legal rights. (Novasol Judicare Inc., since April 2002)

E-book: "Trusting The Trustee" - how you avoid being "taken" when "going offshore". (Soverenity Enterprises Inc., 2005)

E-book: "Making Yourself Financially Invulnerable" - how to protect your assets, your privacy, your investments and financial gains, and your Estate from creditors and taxation. (Novasol Judicare Inc., 2003)

E-book: "Using the LAW to Eliminate Your Business Income Tax" - how to organize your business Internationally for maximum prosperity. (Novasol Judicare Inc., 2003)

E-course: "Setting up Your Business for Financial Freedom" - a complete step-by-step guide to International diversification of any business in a tax-free environment. (Novasol Judicare Inc., 2003)

"The Economy of Waste - a Guide to understanding the economic mechanisms that control what happens to waste and a proposal to use the principles for creating an effective system for collection and disposal of household hazardous waste" (Confidential report made to the government of British Columbia, 1992);

"Logistics of Hazardous Waste Destruction during Times of Demand Exceeding Destruction Capacity" (Confidential report made for KommuneKemi A/S and the Danish municipalities responsible for Hazardous waste disposal, 1989);

"Commercial Use of Metal Hydrides as Temperature-Pressure Converters in Thermostatic Control Devises" (Confidential research report for Danfoss A/S, 1984);

"Continued education for Army Intelligence Officers" (Confidential work done for the Danish Army 1982);

"Using a Motorola M6800 Microprocessor for Complete Operational Control of an X-ray Spectrometer" (Graduation work at Århus University, 1980);

"Chemistry Made Understandable" (Lecture notes for doctors and dentists at Århus University, 1978).

Work related to dogs and dog training:

"The Peeing Post" - on-line newsletter for people who love dogs and respect their nature (since 1985 - on-line from 2002).

E-book: "Is Your Dog's Drinking Water Safe?" (K9joy, 2005).

E-book: "Don't Pull on the Leash!" (K9joy, 2005).

E-book: "The Wolf's Natural Diet - a Feeding Guide for Your Dog?" (K9joy, 2004).

E-book: "BrainWork for Smart Dogs" (K9joy, 2002).

E-book: "Raw Food for Dogs - the Ultimate Reference for Dog Owners" (K9joy, 2003).

E-book: "Canine Choice - by Nature" (Canine Superior Education, 2002).

Video: "The Dog's Social Behavior" (Dog House Publishing Inc., 1998).

Video: "Feeding Your Dog - The Natural Way" (Dog House Publishing Inc., 1998).

Various student manuals for Human Dog Leadership Inc. classes and private students.

"Humanitært Brugshundearbejde", Eliasen's Forlag (1988) - complete manual for the education, testing, and employment of dogs and their handlers for search & rescue purposes in Denmark.

Education programs, competition programs, certification guidelines, etc. for numerous dog organizations in Denmark, Germany, Austria, and The Netherlands.

Articles, editorials, letters etc. for various dog publications, magazines, newsletters etc.

Personal Interests:

Philosophy, ethics, human rights, history, behavioral studies.

Dog training (has trained several dogs to highest national performance levels).

Travelling, wilderness hiking, and canoeing.

Classical music (plays Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, and Chopin on the piano).

Singing (bass), composition and arrangement of music. (Intro to works)).